Pellet Grill

Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or completely new outdoor cooking, a pellet grill is a superb choice for your next barbecue. We’ll show you all the benefits of a wood pellet grill, the way to use one safely and a couple of points to think about before purchasing one.

What’s a Pellet Grill?

Pellet grills offering the potentialities of both a grill and a smoker. They’re fueled with wood pellets made from compressed hardwood sawdust, which allows them to heat quickly, burn hot and make clean smoke. Pellet grills are very user-friendly and supply consistent, even cooking for a spread of your favourite dishes.

How Does a Wood Pellet Grill Work?

Pellet Grill

An auger within the grill moves wood pellets from a hopper to the firepot. A digital controller regulates the delivery of the pellets to the firebox, keeping the grill at the designated temperature, while a lover circulates air and smoke inside the grill, creating a convection cooking environment. The wood pellets allow the fuel for cooking, but the grill requires electricity to power the auger, controller and fan.

Do Pellet Grills Cook the Same as Other Grills?

Pellet grills cook with indirect heat, which doesn’t offer the heavy grill marks you get with a gas or charcoal grill, but you’ll configure some models for direct grilling and searing. Pellet grilling and smoking aren’t the sole options.

These grills provide even cooking with more precise and consistent temperature control than other grill types and also allow you to barbecue, roast and bake. Cook pork shoulders, ribs, briskets and other large cuts of meat additionally to burgers, sausages, hot dogs and whole chickens. you’ll also cook foods lower and slower than a gas or charcoal grill, supplying you with more culinary options.

In addition, pellet grills:

Have push-button starters and produce heat within a mean of 10 to fifteen minutes.
Create a subtle, smoky flavour.
Let you enhance food flavours with different wood pellet types, including hickory, mesquite, apple, cherry and whiskey barrel.

Pellet Grill Advantages and Disadvantages

Pellet Grill

Here are few points to believe when considering a pellet grill versus a gas or charcoal grill:

Pellet grills often don’t heat up as quickly as gas grills, but they maintain a more even temperature once they’re hot.

Pellet grills cook with indirect heat that’s circulated employing a fan for a more consistent smoke flavor, but they don’t char food quite a sort of a gas grill. However, you’ll use a preheated cast-iron pan to assist with searing. a number of the simplest pellet grills even include a flame broiler feature for finishing meats at high temperatures.

These grills use electricity, so they’re not as portable as gas grills and are best for home cooking, instead of tailgating and camping.

Pay attention to cord length because it’ll affect where you’ll place the grill. you’ll use a cord with some grills, but follow the manufacturer’s specifications for type, length and gauge, and see cord Safety Tips.

Smart Pellet Grills

Some of the latest-model pellet grills include convenient smart grilling technology that creates using them even easier and more worry-free. Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you’ll pair these pellet grills with a sensible device and use a special app to stay up with when your grill is preheated to the right cooking temperature, when your food is completed , when to flip your food and lots of other helpful features.

Pellet Smokers

Wood pellet smokers perform an equivalent function as traditional stand-alone smokers but require less monitoring. they’re heated with wood pellets fed from a hopper, a bit like pellet grills, and have temperature control for long, slow smoking. the simplest pellet smokers for entertaining have multiple racks with many areas for accommodating large racks of ribs, chickens and turkeys, and side dishes.

Using Wood Pellets

Pellets for these grills and smokers are available a spread of wood types — including blends of various woods — adding unique flavors to food. Keep extra wood pellets available so you don’t run call at the centre of cooking. Pellets enhance the flavors of a spread of foods, from fall-off-the-bone ribs to sweet and crunchy corn on the cob.

Below are a couple of popular wood pellets and their flavor profiles:

  • Competitor blend includes maple, hickory and cherry woods that craft a sweet and smoky wood-fired flavor.
  • Apple infused may be a light, sweet, fruity smoke flavor that pairs especially well with pork and chicken.
  • Cherry features a mild flavor that provides food with a subtly sweet and fruity flavor. It mixes well with other woods, like oak, pecan or hickory, to bring complexity to the flavour while maintaining the mild, fruity flavor.
  • Hickory provides a full-bodied smoky flavor but it can make food taste bitter if over smoked
  • Maple adds an upscale , maple smokiness layered with a touch of sweetness.
  • Mesquite makes a bold, most spicy, smoky flavor to foods and it can easily sweep over food.
  • Oak adds an average smoky flavor that twins well with other woods.
  • Pecan imparts a nutty, spicy flavor.

Pellet Grills – For The Best In Outdoor Barbecues

For many once we mention barbecuing it means hotdogs and hamburgers on the backyard grill. There’s nothing wrong with this in fact – I cook them often myself. But there’s another sort of barbecue. it’s a kind that a lot of hardcore outdoor chefs prefer.

For this group smoking meat is that the only thanks to going. Now I even have to mention, I used to be an extended time fan of the fast and straightforward. leave activate the gas and begin cooking. But now I even have come to understand that the slow cooking approach is far and away what real barbecuing is all about.

Getting that real smoke taste is nearly impossible with today’s gas or electric grills. Sure they serve a really specific need, but they are not the selection if you would like that rich outdoor smoke taste together with your food.

Pellet Grill

The very fashionable outdoor gas grills are fine for quickly preparing a spread of foods. And yes you’ll create some real gourmet dinners on an outside gas grill a bit as you’ll indoors. But if it’s that real outdoor barbecue flavor that you are looking for, then you’re getting to need something else to urge it done.

The smoker has been around for ages and comes altogether shapes and sizes. many of us equate a smoker to large ovens that are wont to cook large amounts of meat at just one occasion . This has been and still may be a very fashionable use of the massive smoker.

except for the remainder folks whom to cook something but an entire side of beef for 200 guests, we’d like something else.

One of the simplest solutions I’ve found is that the pellet grill. What’s a pellet grill? it’s like your standard outdoor barbecue but actually , is sort of different. First, it uses wood pellets for fuel – not gas or charcoal. I’ve even seen other pellet fuel available like corn.

you’ll use almost any quiet wood you would like – hickory, mesquite, cherry etc. – to urge that special smoked taste you are looking for. the opposite big difference is that the hearth is kept during a firebox far away from the food. this enables for slow cooking and lets the food absorb the smoke flavor. it’s like convection cooking.

In many models, the pellet fuel is loaded into a storage bin and automatically fed into the grill as needed to stay the hearth going. The results are unbelievable. you’ll cook any quiet meat, fish you’ll even bake with these grills. I’ve seen biscuits cooked that you simply wouldn’t believe. this is often truly a flexible outdoor barbecue.

Plus with these, you never need to worry about running out of gas. If you are like me you’ve got gotten halfway through preparing a meal only to run out of gas before you’re finished. These also are tons cleaner-burning than charcoal which suggests they are much easier to wash up after use.

If you would like a very unique barbecuing experience you ought to check out the pellet grill. If it is time to exchange an ageing barbecue or grill, before you create your next purchase, take a glance at a pellet grill. it’ll help turn you into a real outdoor chef.


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