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All-electric smokers look an equivalent initially look. Where there’s a component at rock bottom, then there’s a greased pan and a tray for wood chips for smoker.

When the component starts to heat up, the wood chips start producing smoke. So, the easiest wood chips as Masterbuilt electric smoker are people who are capable of manufacturing strong and heavy flavour for your grill.

It’s inauspicious that a few people incline to disregard the wood chips only it is still for important accessories as the smoker itself! actually, the flavour and taste of your meat will just about depend upon the wood chips you’ve used.

The way during which an electrical smoker works is pretty basic. once you turn the device on, the component is going to be activated and it’ll heat the smoker wood chips for your meat to be cooked. Wood chips are vital because they’re those that provide the smoke within the smoker’s chamber.

What to Know About the Best Wood Chips for Smoker

These days, it’s not really that difficult to seem for places where you’ll buy Masterbuilt smoker wood chips. they’re easily available in various specialized stores, including stores that don’t sell smokers. Although the chips are mainly used for smoking, they’re also used for several other purposes.

Since wood chips for smoker are a crucial aspect of your electric smoker, you would like to settle on carefully the shop where you’ll buy them.

Search for a store that has proper storage for the smoker wood chips because chips that aren’t stored properly won’t provide you with an honest amount of smoke and won’t produce the proper flavour that you simply expect from your meat.

this is often why it’s an honest idea to get them from stores that have a reputation for selling good quality merchandise. If possible, buy the chips from an equivalent store where you’ve got bought your electric smoker.

Going to an actual physical store just to shop for the Masterbuilt electric wood chips for smoker could be time-consuming for many people. In this case, it’s going to be best to get them online.

Online stores like Amazon sell different sorts of wood chips. Home Depot also carries a number of the simplest wood chips for Masterbuilt electric smokers.

Chart Of Wood Chips For smoker


The Best Wood Chips for Smoking

Masterbuilt electric smoker wood chips are available in several types. If you would like your meat to possess a selected taste, then you’ll use a specific chip to realize this.

Also, not all of them produce an equivalent smoke. you’ll prefer to smoke your meat with either strong or mild flavour, counting on your personal preferences.

Basically, the taste of your meat will just about depend upon the sort of wood chips that you simply use. For an inventory of the simplest Masterbuilt wood chips for smoker, inspect below.

Maple Wood Chips

wood chips for smoker

wood chips for smoker made up of maple wood are known for his or her ability to supply a sweet taste, almost like syrup. So if you’re someone who’s keen on syrup, then you’ll surely love the taste that the maple wood chips will provide to your meat.

this is often great for smoking chicken meat and other poultry meat, where the meat is light. Of course, you’ll also use this in other meat, like ham! The sweet flavour will surely make your ham even more flavorful.

Pecan Chips

wood chips for smoker

Pecan is usually called hickory because it’s a spread of hickory and this is often why it produces similar smoke.

However, the smoke that the pecan wood chips for smoker produce aren’t really as strong as that of the hickory. While hickory gives your meat a robust flavour, the pecan features a slightly weaker taste, which is why it’s possible to use these chips for nearly all types of meat.

Apple Wood Chips

The apple wood chips are among the foremost popular sorts of wood chips within the market. In fact, it’s a must have for everybody who owns an electrical smoker.

These wood chips for smoker provide a light taste but you’ll also taste a touch of sweet flavour within the meat. However, when it involves using apple wood chips, there’s an opportunity that the chicken meat could turn dark brown, although this is often really something that you simply don’t get to worry about.

Orange Wood Chips

wood chips for smoker

Just like the fruit, the Masterbuilt electric wood chips for smoker that are made up of orange produce mild flavour and may work well with almost every sort of meat.

it’ll not alter the taste of the meat much although it can give the meat a rather smoky flavour. Orange is one among those fruits that are commonly utilized in cooking so using it to smoke meat is somewhat logical.

Alder Smoking Chips

Alder may be a tree that’s commonly found within the Northwest region of North America, which is why the Alder wooden chips are common during this area.

These wood chips for smoker could go easily with fish and different seafood meat. they will also work well with light meat, like chicken and other poultry.

Peach Wood Chips

Peach wood chips produce a somewhat potent flavour and utilizing them to smoke your meat is like adding peach tea to your food.

this is much often how come it does work especially easily with poultry. If you’re someone who loves the fruity taste of peach, then you need to choose these chips to smoke your meat.

Cherry Wood Chips

Cherry features a distinct taste that’s both sweet and sour. Thus, the Masterbuilt wood chips for smoker made up of cherry can produce a similar taste to your meat.

Cherry wood chips for smoker are among the foremost favoured food chips within the market since they are going well with most sorts of meat. they supply mild flavour and can not alter the taste of the meat, which is vital when preparing certain dishes.

Oak Smoking Chips

Oak may be a common wooden material for furniture. However, when it involves wood chips, oak isn’t really that common.

Yet, oak is really great for smoking meat. These wood chips are highly recommended for smoking dark coloured meat like beef and lamb. you’ll also use these wood chips to smoke poultry. However, you’ll taste the smoke more since it’s the tendency to overpower the taste of the meat.

Mesquite Wood Chips

Mesquite is another popular material used for Masterbuilt wood chips. It’s especially ideal for grilling but you would like to find out the way to properly work with it since it’s the tendency to burn fast.

this is often the rationale why it’s not really recommended for extended grilling or smoking processes. additionally, the mesquite wood chips give off a robust flavour so if you would like to use it for your electric smoker, then use it only during fast smoking.

Walnut Wood Chips

wood chips for smoker

A lot of electrical smokers use walnut wood chips for smoking since they need the power to supply heavy and powerful flavour.

However, if you don’t want the walnut to require over the whole flavour of the meat, consider mixing it with other wood chips. That way, the flavour of the walnut is going to be somehow neutralized.

Other Good Wood Chips For Smoker

Aside from the wood chips mentioned above, there are several other wood chips that you simply can use for your Masterbuilt electric smoker.

Those above are just a few of the foremost popular ones. There also are smoking chips that are made up of avocado, wood, beech, olive, willow, persimmon, carrotwood, bay, chestnut, guava, fig etc. be happy to experiment with any wood chips to offer your meat a definite flavour.

But remember that not all wood chips for smoker are good. There also are people who are of bad quality and aren’t ideal for grilling or smoking.

What Woods You Shouldn’t Use

It’s also important that you simply know which woods to avoid when smoking your meat. Pine, Cyprus, fir, and any sort of evergreen tree aren’t really ideal because the sap of those trees isn’t good for smoking. they could just give your meat an awful taste!

Redwood and cedar also are not recommended. Avoid using scrap lumber or wood that has been treated and painted since it’s toxins that would get into your meat.


As you see, you’ve got many choices when it involves the simplest wood chips for Masterbuilt electric smokers. These options will give your smoked meat a special flavor. Choosing the proper one will depend mainly on the sort of meat that you simply simply will smoke and therefore the quite flavor and taste that you want to urge .

You have

Remember that no matter the sort of wood chips for smoker that you simply use, the simplest ones are people who will match your personal taste and preferences.

To seek out the proper one, it’s going to be an honest idea to experiment by trying a variety of wood chips for smoker. you’ll perhaps try 2-4 different varieties and choose the one that provides the simplest taste to your meat.


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